This summer, EGEU will be organizing a residency program at Galerie LaDons. The call is open for all artists based in Hamburg interested in working around the subject of new media.

– Submissions deadline: 13.06
– Residency: 26.07 – 02.08
– Exhibition opening: 07.08

Application requirements:
– Portfolio
– Project description

– All production costs should be covered by the artists

Location: Valentinskamp 39, Hamburg

For applications >


The curatorial exchange project between EGEU and LaDøns started with the idea of using past visions of the future to think about the future today, in a moment when technology is inaugurating a new perspective on human experience and opening up new possibilities. As to what concerns art, for the last thirty years there has been an increased use of technology that gave birth to new media and new senses. But although the terminology might be new, forms of expression resulting from scientific breakthroughs are not unprecedented. For instance, one might say that film and photography were once the new kids on the block and subject to the same kind of apprehensive and critical reception, raising many similar questions.

Both from a historical perspective and a political one, the most important question is probably whether new media bear a language outside of the realms of traditional art. To answer it, however, we must pose some rather structural questions: Does the fact that new media entail new formal possibilities mean that it brings a novelty along altogether? How has novelty been announced in the past?

To address the issues mentioned above, our aim is to pose the same challenges to conventional media as new media are facing, hopefully fostering a tension that will open space for discussion. Instead of a narrative focused on a technical/artistic revolution where one replaces the other, an act of discontinuity, we propose an alternative vision of evolution where new media are seen as a complement which enriches tradition, an act of continuity.

This would happen at two levels. First, at the level of structure, we ought to figure out what kind of language new media are bringing about. Thus we would like to encourage artists to think about the language of new media, its possible delusion and ways to transpose it to traditional media. This would be done without using new media devices or using them in a controversial way, in the hope of emancipating new media’s language and apparatuses. Second, on a rather political dimension, we may use that structural approach to reflect upon and dissect the notion of value that it brings along: how it is perceived, judged and anticipated.

By challenging artists to work around this historical analysis, we could propose a take on what the future looked like thirty years ago and how much of it turned out to be an enthusiastic illusion. That research would provide a nice ground to discuss the strands of developments up to the present day, as well as recover possible solutions to contemporary problems that have emerged over the years and have been forgotten.

Our plan is to address all of these questions through a curatorial exchange project between Galerie LaDøns, an off-space and art-collective from Hamburg, and EGEU, another off-space from Lisbon, which would happen from July to August in Portugal and Germany. Members ofLaDøns will be doing a one-week artistic residency and exhibiting their work at EGEU, whereas EGEU’s curatorial collective will select a group of multidisciplinary artists from Hamburg to work with at LaDøns, based on an open call.

Since our main aim is to use these exhibitions as a means of discussing and sharing knowledge about contemporary problems such as the use of technology, it is fundamental to use a transnational approach, for this will expose both teams to an environment where they are not used to work, hence raising different challenges. Hopefully, this will trigger more unconventional questions and therefore less conventional answers both at an artistic and curatorial level, which can only improve learning. We believe that it is the clash between two antagonistic art scenes and milieus that may foster discussion and enable the sharing of knowledge and the creation of gateways between them.

Besides, both LaDøns, which is part of Verein Gängeviertel e.V., a non-profit association, and EGEU, also a non-profit association, share a similar approach to artistic expression. Being independent cultural spaces, we are aware of the importance of creating networks off the beaten path of the art market, providing a space for communication free of market-related concerns. It is this, we contend, that strengthens and reinforces the role that art and culture should play in contemporary democratic societies, enabling them to provide solutions that go beyond its environment.

All in all, we intend to use this cooperation in order to create a meeting point between the emerging artistic and non-commercial cultural scene of Hamburg and Lisbon, as well as a relational structure for our projects to collaborate internationally, now and in the future. Indeed, we hope to establish a long-lasting exchange program that may support both young artists and independent projects in finding new artistic and curatorial paths in a shared way. This, we reckon, is especially relevant today, at a time when we feel it is our social duty not to let the physical distancing we are practicing create a gap among cultural actors and push us solely into a digital environment.


Seit mehr als 10 Jahren ist das Hamburger Gängeviertel nicht nur ein Ort, sondern ein Projekt, das Menschen verschiedenster Lebens- und Kunstformen unter mehreren Dächern vereint. Die hier verortete Galerie LADØNS versteht sich dem entsprechend als ein Raum, welcher vorgefertigte Grenzen der Kunstgenres hinter sich lässt.

Unterschiedliche Kunstsparten wie Bildhauerei, Malerei, Mode, Fotografie, Performance oder Musik dürfen sich hier auflösen und neu zusammenfügen. Aufwendig konzipierte Ausstellungen treffen auf spontane Pop-Up-Umsetzungen. Das LADØNS ist ein Ausstellungsraum, in dem gespielt und experimentiert werden darf. Außerdem darf die Definition der „Ausstellung“ aufgebrochen werden – auch andere Formate sind natürlich zulässig.

Die Galerie will Menschen und ihren Ausdrucksformen Raum verschaffen – oftmals wird das Unbekannte und Neue von dem Kunstkanon übersehen oder missbilligt – und das möchten wir ändern. Wir als KünstlerInnen und KulturproduzentInnen müssen dabei neue Wege und Möglichkeiten des Kunst-Zeigens suchen, die jenseits der Vermarktung liegen, bzw. nicht auf diese ausgelegt sind. Dieser Raum dient der Erfahrung, nicht dem Konsum.

2019 ins Leben gerufen, hat sich der 45 qm große Off-Space am Valentinskamp in kurzer Zeit einen Namen gemacht – vor allem durch die große Zahl der schnell wechselnden und interdisziplinären Ausstellungen.

Für das Jahr 2021 schreibt das LADØNS sechs mehrwöchige Ausstellungen aus. Dazu sollen KünstlerInnen (Gruppen oder Paare) aus unterschiedlichen Kunst-, Medien- und Designbereichen kollaborieren und für eine gemeinsame Ausstellung ein Konzept entwickeln. Ebenso können sich Einzelpersonen bewerben, die wir dann mit passenden KünstlerInnen für eine gemeinsame Ausstellung zusammenbringen. Im Anschluss an die mehrwöchigen Ausstellungen findet ein KünstlerInnengespräch statt.

Alternativ kann sich als Paar oder Gruppe auf eine dreitägige Pop-up Ausstellung mit einer Konzept-Skizze beworben werden. Im Anschluss an die mehrwöchigen Ausstellungen findet ein KünstlerInnengespräch statt.

Bewerbungsschluss ist der 15.09.2020 unter

Wir freuen uns auf eure Konzepte!

Euer LADØNS Team


English version:

For more than 10 years, Hamburg’s Gängeviertel has been a place and a project which unites people from the most diverse life and art forms. The LADØNS Gallery, located here, defines itself as a space that leaves the prefabricated boundaries of art genres behind.

Different artistic disciplines such as sculpture, painting, fashion, photography, performance or music are allowed to dissolve and merge anew. Elaborately conceived exhibitions meet spontaneous pop-up exhibitions. The LADØNS is an exhibition space where you can play and experiment. In addition, the definition of „exhibition“ may be broken up – other formats are of course also welcome.

The gallery wants to give space to people and their forms of expression – often the unknown and new is overlooked or disapproved of by the art canon – and we want to change that. As artists and cultural producers, we have to look for new ways and possibilities of showing art that lie beyond marketing and are not designed for it. We created this space is for experience and not for consumption.

Launched in 2019, the 45 sqm off-space has gained recognition in a short period of time – above all through the large number of rapidly changing and interdisciplinary exhibitions.

For the year 2021, LADØNS announces an open call for six several weeks-long exhibitions. For this purpose, artists (groups or couples) from different art, media and design fields are to collaborate and develop a joint concept for an exhibition in advance. Individuals can also apply and we will then bring them together with suitable artists for a joint exhibition. Following the exhibitions, which last several weeks, an artist talk will take place.

Alternative to this fixed exhibition format, couples or groups can apply for a three-day pop-up exhibition with a concept sketch.

The application deadline is 15.09.2020 at

We are looking forward to your concepts!

Your LADØNS Team

Insta: @galerie_ladons